Domestic Violence

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Legal Assistance When You Need Protection from Domestic Violence in the Monterey Area

Providing help when abusive actions and threats lead to family issues and legal consequences

Domestic violence is the abuse or threats of abuse between spouses or former spouses, persons who live together or formerly lived together, persons in a dating relationship, persons closely related or persons who have had a child together. At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we represent the victims of domestic violence and help them get the resources they need, including emergency and permanent orders of protection against the abusive party. However, there are times when the domestic violence accusations are completely false. In these cases, we go to court to defend the rights and reputation of individuals who have been unjustly accused of domestic violence.

What constitutes domestic violence?

A wide range of actions may amount to abuse under the domestic violence law. These include, among others:

  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Hitting, kicking, shoving, etc.
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Destruction of personal property

Obtaining spousal restraining orders if your life and health are in danger

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If you fear for your safety in a domestic setting, or you have been the victim of domestic violence, you should immediately seek the assistance of an attorney with experience in family law who handles domestic violence cases. The right attorney can help you obtain a domestic violence restraining order, a court order that will help protect you from abuse or threats. You can also file a restraining order to protect your children.

Other types of restraining orders are available if people with whom you have a less intimate relationship commit or threaten abuse. These include civil harassment restraining orders for coworkers and neighbors; workplace violence restraining orders; and elder or adult dependent restraining orders. California courts also issue criminal protective restraining orders to protect victims or witnesses of crime.

At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we prepare and file domestic violence restraining orders for those in need of legal protection when abuse or threats are present. Filing a restraining order is an important step in the effort to secure your safety. We can also seek restraining orders as part of a broader legal effort to help you end your marriage and protect your children.

Defending clients against unjust domestic violence claims

Being accused of domestic violence can have a negative impact on your personal relationships and your job. At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we defend the rights and reputation of clients who have been unjustly charged with domestic violence by a spouse or family member. We are aggressive in our defense, as we examine and challenge the evidence levied against you.

Contact a domestic violence attorney when you need a restraining order and family law advice

At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we help spouses who are the victims of abuse by providing legal support geared to improving their situations. Our office is in downtown Monterey, across from the Monterey Sports Center. Call us today at 831.649.1253