Worst Mistakes To Make When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer


Worst Mistakes To Make When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer


When it comes to getting divorced, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing whom you will hire to represent you in court. Hiring the right divorce lawyer can make the entire divorce process go a lot smoother. You will also be ensuring that you are getting the best advice possible when it comes to making informed legal decisions.

However, if you hire the wrong divorce lawyer you could end up dealing with a problem many divorce clients dread: having trouble communicating and compromising with your ex-spouse and with your lawyer. While divorces are a common legal issue, they can be a difficult process to navigate through. That's why it's important to make sure you aren't making any of these huge mistakes when you hire your divorce lawyer.

Hiring A Lawyer Who Can't Make Time For You

Not every divorce goes as expected. Sometimes a spouse can make things difficult, causing the divorce process to last longer than anticipated. When choosing a divorce lawyer it's important that you select one who has enough time to fully fulfill all of your requirements.

However, when you are first meeting your potential divorce lawyer, it can be hard to determine if they are being 100% honest when they say they have enough time for you. Thankfully, there is an easy way to determine if a lawyer you're interested in has time for you.

First, give the lawyer a call after business hours and leave a message stating you have a question. Then, wait to see how long it takes for the lawyer to get back to you. Don't forget to actually have a sincere question to ask for when the potential lawyer gets in touch with you.

Not Being Clear-Headed When Interviewing Divorce Lawyers

The entire divorce process is one of the toughest legal issues Americans face. It can be particularly difficult due to the high levels of emotions and stress involved. One of the last things you should do while experiencing emotional turmoil is interview a divorce lawyer by yourself. After all, if you're too distraught to remember simple information, how can you expect yourself to make the best legal decision?

There are a couple of ways to avoid making this mistake. First, you can wait until you are calm and under control before you begin interviewing local lawyers. However, if time is of the essence, you have another option. You can bring a trusted friend or family member to your initial interview. Then, if you are having trouble remembering important information later, you can count on who was there with you to jog your memory.

Not Selecting A Divorce Lawyer Who Specializes In Family Law

When it comes to a legal issue as delicate and complicated as a divorce, it's important that you hire a lawyer with the experience to effectively argue on your behalf. Don't make the mistake of hiring that family friend practices law but only does a few divorce cases from time to time.

You're going to want a specialist who knows what she is doing. Make sure that your divorce process is in good hands from start to finish by hiring a divorce lawyer who specializes in family law.

Not Taking Time To Understand Your Fee Agreement

In most instances, divorce lawyers charge by the hour. They can take a retainer fee, also known as a down payment for their services, and then bill by the hour against their retainer fee.

That means if your divorce lawyer's fee is two hundred dollars per hour, her retainer could represent four hours of work. Once the amount of work hours your retainer covers is used up, your lawyer can start to bill you by the hour.

It's important to make sure you fully understand if you are being charged by the hour, if the retainer covers court costs, and if there are any other pieces of information you should know about. Never be afraid to ask questions! A good divorce lawyer will be happy to make sure you are all on the same page.

Expecting Your Divorce Lawyer To Be Your Therapist

Divorce lawyers are a crucial factor when it comes to achieving your divorce goals. However, while they can assist you with many aspects within the divorce process, there are a few things that can't do. One common mistake people make when hiring a divorce lawyer is expecting their lawyer to also double as a therapist.

Unfortunately, lawyers are unable to help their clients with this matter. After all, they spent years in school studying law, not psychology. Also, keep in mind that since most divorce lawyers charge by the hour, you will save money if you spend your time with your lawyer discussing important legal issues regarding your divorce instead of your thoughts about your spouse.


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