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Assisting Spouses in Complex Divorce Proceedings with Insight and Purpose
Working through difficult issues to achieve a sensible solution for high asset and complicated divorces
Many family law attorneys only handle uncontested divorces or those in which the issues and assets are easily manageable. But divorce can be messy and complicated, especially when high-net-worth individuals are involved, or when complex questions arise regarding the division of assets or the support or custody of children. These issues and the assets in high asset cases require special attention. The attorneys at the Law Office of Barbara J. May advocate for the rights of clients involved in complex divorce proceedings, whether through negotiations or litigation. Our goal is to reach a resolution before court becomes necessary, but if it does we are ready to fight for your rights.
How to know if your divorce is complex
Every divorce is emotional and difficult, but a divorce proceeding with complex legal issues raises the bar. Before you hire an attorney, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
Is the value of community property at issue a million dollars or more?
Did either spouse bring separate property to the marriage of substantial value, or gain separate property of high net worth while married?
Is there an estate plan in place that requires significant revision to accommodate the changes in family structure that will result from divorce?
Are there specific assets that need to be divided but are difficult to value?
Will custody arrangements for the children be especially challenging due to disagreement, plans to live in separate cities or other factors?
If these or other issues suggest a complex divorce, one that includes a complicated asset division or other issues, you need a family law attorney with the skill and knowledge to work through tough problems and help you reach a positive result.
Providing sophisticated representation in divorce proceedings with challenging issues
Our attorneys meet with you face-to-face to better understand your situation and desires. We also have knowledge to help resolve thorny issues that arise in trusts, wills and other documents during a divorce and we have significant experience in child custody and visitation disputes. We know how to marshal cogent arguments to characterize property as community or separate, and present documentation, witnesses and experts to establish the value of your property and assets.
Divorce can be complicated even when the assets are small and issues narrow. Larger assets and complex problems raise the bar, requiring greater legal skill, additional resources and a sophisticated approach equal to the complexity at hand.

Get help from divorce attorneys in Monterey, California who handle complex family issues when a marriage ends

At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we guide clients through trying issues in divorce proceedings, regardless of the amount and issues at stake. Our hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday, with special hours by appointment. We are located in downtown Monterey across the street from the Monterey Sports Center. Call us at 831.649.1253