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Divorce Lawyer MontereyDivorce

A divorce is one of the hardest legal issues most people ever have to go through, especially because…

Military Divorce Lawyer MontereyMilitary Divorce

The procedural process for a divorce is not any different for a person in the military than for anyone…

Complex or High Asset Divorce Lawyer MontereyComplex or High Asset Divorce

Divorce can be messy and complicated, especially when high-net-worth individuals are involved, or when…

Child Custody & VisitationChild Custody & Visitation

Helping you do what is in your children’s best interest during a divorce. No issue is of greater concern…

Child & Spousal SupportChild & Spousal Support

Child and spousal support agreements are important for your future and the future of your family. The…

California Move Away & RelocationCalifornia Move Away & Relocation

A relocation or move-away case occurs when a parent wants to move to a different city, county, state,…

Domestic Violence Lawyer MontereyDomestic Violence

Providing help when abusive actions and threats lead to family issues and legal consequences. Domestic…

Conservatorship & GuardianshipConservatorship & Guardianship

Taking care of adults and managing estates through probate arrangements for a conservator. If you or…

A Reliable Family Law Firm in Monterey

When it comes to issues like divorce and custody, it can be an emotional time that is difficult to traverse without the help of experienced family law lawyers. At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, you will get the assistance you need to get through your case with the best possible outcome. We understand how critical these cases are and want to make sure you get the guidance and representation to get the outcome you’re looking for.

Experience with All Types of Divorces

When you contact our divorce lawyer in Monterey, you can count on a family law specialist who has experience with a great number of divorce types to help guide you through the process. Whether you need a high asset divorce attorney to help you protect your assets or you are involved in a more simplified divorce with few assets, we can provide you with the representation you need to achieve your overall goals. We can answer all of your questions and ensure all of your paperwork is properly filed.

We Provide Personalized Service

As a divorce attorney in Monterey, we understand that although certain types of divorce cases can be similar, each one is different and requires a personalized approach. We offer the compassionate guidance and representation you need to ensure your case gets the outcome you deserve. Our family law firm is dedicated to helping our clients get exactly what they deserve as they part ways.

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An Established Monterey Family Law Firm Advocating for Your Rights At the Law Office of Barbara J. May, we are committed to helping clients throughout Monterey County involved in legal issues including family law, divorce, and estate litigation cases.

We are strong advocates with the knowledge to get you results either through negotiated settlements or litigation. Our attorneys are experienced and ready to handle your case competently and efficiently.

Personalized Service

Your case is important to us, which is why we offer all our clients personalized attention and individualized service for their family law

Flexible Approach

Our attorneys are focused on finding efficient solutions to all your family law, but we are also fully equipped to handle your issues if they head toward litigation.

Family Approach

Our attorneys, Barbara J. May and Amy E. Spiering, are a mother-daughter team of lawyers that understands the value of family.

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